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Staying Vibrant and Healthy after 50

Part 1 – Exercise

Are you nearing the big 50 and are starting to see and experience changes in your health.

Are you asking yourself am I destined to become an overweight, out of shape, wheelchair dependant older person. ( I know that seems to be what is all around us)

Don’t despair, you still have time to find your way. To feel better, drop those excess pounds, have more energy (which seems to elude us when we turn 50)

Follow me on my journey, at age 50 I felt that way too. My kids were not dependant on me anymore. I looked around and saw myself just deteriorating, feeling it was all downhill from here, what was the point? I did "not" like the path that was before me.

Truthfully though I had to admit I did not look after myself while raising my children.

In my defense “Motherhood is Hard”

Being consumed with doing the best for my children, working for a living, left little time for me. Can you relate?

I looked at myself in the mirror one day and realized I needed to take better care of me.

Was it too late to turn this around, (no energy, not enough sleep, bulges where let’s face they should not have been)

But, what to do first, this seemed to be a bigger job now that I started thinking about it. To say overwhelming is over simplifying it. Here are some SIMPLE EXERCISES to try.

Well here is what I did. First I decided to do something small. I could walk for 30 minutes a day. That seemed doable.

I started slow, I could go for a brisk walk. I walked 15 minutes to a designated spot and then walked 15 minutes back to home.

Being overweight, yes I had the same thought as you are having right now. I may need to drag myself there. Learning that after 50 some of the rules had changed was also daunting.

I had read that it was a good idea to have a walking partner, or It would be easy to give up. Here are some great tips for staying on track with your exercise.

Incidentally find someone you can get along with. Just makes the journey that much better.

Were there set back along the way? of course. When my walking partner could not go for whatever reason, it was easy for me to not go as well.

I have this little saying that I use for almost every thing which kept me going I am sure you have heard it.

“ pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again” That little saying saved me a lot. I persevered,and bit by bit I started to feel differently.

Now the trick with exercise is to find something you like to do. It’s different for everyone. Maybe for you it’s going to the Gym, Pilates or something else. If you don’t like the activity you will “not” do it.

Nowadays it’s not that easy to just go to the Gym or a Pilates are a few tips to get moving during quarantine the point is to be consistent. As you keep going you will find, as I did it seemed easier and the rewards are great.

My advice: start here (Exercise)

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