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There is a lot of talk and information around the idea that our GUT is unhealthy then our whole body suffers.

So how do we know if we have an unhealthy Gut. What are the signs that can help us figure this out?

Perhaps this is an over simplification, however here are some thing that we experience when we have gut issues. Are you feeling down? do you have skin problems? Do you feel constantly bloated? All these issues and many more may be directly related to your gut health. The proverbial saying "You are what You eat" takes on greater meaning when we know more about what we eat affects our Gut microbiome and subsequently our Health.

So how can you keep your microbes in your gut/digestive tract healthy, which in turn will keep you healthy and thriving.

There is a lot of research that has been done and more is on going to help us appreciate that we have more bacteria cells than human cells and most of the bacteria lives in our Gut. (

It has been said that our microbiome is like a well functioning city when it working optimally. where everyone in the city work together to make our body function well. In the meantime it tries to defend the barrage of incoming things that can cause disease.

Out of balance gut bacteria can cause you to have trouble digesting food, Here are some responses you could have if your gut bacteria is out of balance:

  •  Allergies and sensitivities to foods
  • Unexplained Weight changes
  • Skin issues with unknown causes
  • Always tired
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog ( not being able to concentrate)
  • Digestive problems like  gas and bloating

Keeping the delicate balance:

Eat less sugar (notice I did not say quit sugar, because it's a work in progress)

Eat more fruits and vegetables ( I know that's hard as well, there are lots of great recipes online that can help with this)

Eat more Fiber, Fiber helps support a healthier gut.

Now without getting too gross. The ultimate guide to what your Gut health is like is

the state of your poop. Here is a chart to help:

So you can fix this right. Changes to your diet can make your Gut health better.

Good Gut Health makes for a Healthy Body.

I felt compelled to write about this because I too suffered from an unhealthy Gut.

It is definitely a work on progress. I got one step closer to a Healthy Gut when I used a

Cleanse to start the process of restoring the balance in my gut.

This the product I used.

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