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What's the difference?

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Do you focus mostly on re-active Health care, only going to the doctor when you have a health problem?

This may seem like the best course of action, however, many health and wellness experts are now stressing the importance of pro-active healthcare.

So what's the difference between Pro-active health care and Re-active healthcare.

Re-active Healthcare:

Re-active healthcare is when we react to active or adverse disease.

For example, if during the day we feel the symptoms of a respiratory illness we react by calling the doctor and perhaps making an appointment to have him prescribe antibiotics to help the issues we are having.

Pro-active Healthcare:

Being proactive would mean that we would take actions before the symptoms manifest.

So how would we do that? Well rather than waiting for a problem to arise we would make sure we are taking care to improve our immune system so that we are less likely to get a respiratory illness. Perhaps by taking your supplements, vitamin C, antioxidants, drinking an adequate amount of water, and also eating a healthy diet to keep our bodies at optimal wellness.

Cost of Re-active Healthcare:

Health care costs in the US is an estimated 3 trillion dollars annually. The cost of prescription drugs and other forms of treatment continue to skyrocket.

Of course, there is no way to completely eliminate the cost of Healthcare. However, we can do our part by being Pro-active and taking adequate measures to take care of ourselves and our families.

Proactive Healthcare Tips:

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight, Obesity can lead to a wide variety of illnesses.

2. Exercise (do something you like to do)

3. Strive for a solid 7-8 hours of rest per night

4. Eat the rainbow ( a variety of vegetables and fruits)

5. Don't smoke

6. Take steps to detoxify your body

7. Learn ways to cope with stress

8. Drink an adequate amount of water

Dr. Heather Pickett - How important is Pro-Active Healthcare?

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