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Like you, I have been looking at my 4 walls for four or five weeks now.

During the last few weeks the WHO has declared the Virus a Global pandemic.

Work is canceled, everything is shut down, parks are closed, people are receiving warnings and sometimes tickets all in an attempt to "Flatten the Curve"

We all have different thoughts and feelings about the chain of events caused by the Virus.

It has changed the way we live now and may change this for some time to come.

Fear is overwhelming us!

Here is the thing, this is not the first Virus to plague mankind and it won't be the last.

So, should we give up in fear for our lives and put our lives in the hands of those who generate the fear?

It is up to you and me to take control of our lives.

Rather than sitting in fear, concerned about our future, we can take steps to have better mental health and better physical health.

Yes, there is no doubt the virus is real and people are dying, and it's looking for hosts..

How can we prepare ourselves, take ownership of our lives, as though we believe that we really are on our own.

There is good advice out there!

WASH YOUR HANDS: Use a paper towel to open doors, flush the toilet with your foot.

Clean off the door knobs when you venture out to buy your groceries.

SLOW DOWN: Granted we have been made to slow down, so can we use this time to reflect on how we can take better care of ourselves. Get in touch the people we care about, Call a friend to see how they are doing. Be encouraging and caring to those we live with and love.

WEAR A MASK: When you need to venture out and gloves, if you feel you need them.

They tell us this will keep us from touching our faces and protect others.

SLEEP WELL: Create a sleep routine, This will help you have a deep and restful sleep.

Mine is putting Adaptiv in my diffuser and Serenity to make sure I wake up refreshed and ready to face another day.


Eat food that can support your body and your immune system, take your vitamins.

My Immune support is my Life Long Vitality vitamins, On Guard on the bottom of my feet. Easy Air to support my respiratory system, On Guard toothpaste to help sanitize my mouth. On Guard Cleaner to clean surfaces and make sure I don't bring the Virus into my home and sanctuary.

DRINK ADEQUATE AMOUNTS OF WATER: How do we know how much to drink

Easy Divide your body weight in half and that's how many ounces you need in one day.



It's just as important now as it was before. Find something you like and have a good exercise routine. Mine is Pilates. I found a video online and for 15 mins I do that.


Take deep breaths to clear your lungs and if you find it hard to breathe, try using

Easy Air Blend. It will help.

Lastly, Learn to trust yourself there is a lot you can control.

Stay safe and be kind to others.

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