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Are we confusing our Immune System?

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Are we confusing our Immune system?

It's not too far fetched to say and understand that because we are confusing our immune system it is really difficult for it to keep us healthy.

So, how do we do this. The more crap food we eat and the less real food we eat, the immune cells in our stomach (the stomach has about 2/3 of our immune cells) become confused.

You can just imagine if there was a real conversation going on down there what it would sound like. Say one cell was named Tom and the other cell was Joe. Well we decided to eat a wholesome meal and finish it off with a bag of junk. As Tom and Joe cells watched the wholesome foods come down they would say, ok finally something we can work with, then the junk started coming down. confusion would reign. Joe cell: I think that's corn, Tom cell: but what all that other stuff with it. Is that poison or is that food. I am confused. What do we do with this??? This doesn't look like real food.

The more we confuse our Immune system with crap food the harder it is for the immune cells to keep us healthy.

Stuff that we put in our mouths that has been sprayed on, infused into, sprinkled on,

designed in a lab. The more confused the Immune system gets.

It wants to keep us healthy, It tries hard to do that, That's its job!

In an effort to separate real food from man made chemically laden food we drive our immune cells crazy and challenge it to determine whether we are trying to poison ourselves or nourish ourselves.

So, at times in order to keep us safe it throws the baby out with the bath water.

AND reacts, which then causes us to pay attention.

Those reactions can be small or big depending on how much we have abused the Immune system.

Skin rashes, chronic disease or something more serious like the C word.

True you may be thinking, the real food we eat is not the same as it used to be anyway

I agree, the soil is depleted and we need help.

We don't have the energy we used to have because we are not getting the same amount of nutrients from our foods. Consider taking good quality supplements.

To give our immune system a fighting chance.

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